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What Is The Development Status Of LED Street Lamp In The Future?
Jul 25, 2018

LED street lamp development prospects despite the years have been limited to colors and luminous efficiency of LED, because the LED chip has long life, small working current, high reliability and driving power supply many advantages and has been the user's favor, the LED street lamp, unlike traditional street lamps, unlike has been carried out using LED landscape lamp, high power road lighting requirements coverage, large amount of light projection, evenness and the cooling demand is high, is a directional LED one of the most difficult research field.

Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps have different characteristics in four aspects. In addition, the government strongly supports the formulation of unified labeling and specifications to solve the problem of client interchangeability. Secondly, the problem of improving light efficiency should be solved. Therefore, it is possible that LED will bring a new revolution to artificial lighting, and become a new type of light source that comprehensively surpasses the existing light source, which has a very good development potential and market prospect.

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