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The Development Direction Of Solar Lamp Manufacturer
Jul 18, 2018

Solar LED street lamp manufacturers want to survive under the environment of the downturn: the first is not to be eliminated by the market the industry seriously solar street lamp manufacturers in the face of their own advantages, and continuously reform and seek development way: the integral atmosphere of the industry under the new normal is a bit impetuous, so must be solid is the survival of the best policy, it also explains, LED solar street lamp manufacturers need intensive cultivation, can pragmatic innovation, combined with the new rural demand of street lamp lighting products to value is not only the quality, more important is the price the income level of rural low phase relative to the city.

Therefore, most consumers in rural areas are thrifty, so they need to take both internal and external factors into account when pricing their products: the price cannot be set solely based on the cost of lamps produced by LED solar street lamp manufacturers, and the market demand needs to be measured.

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