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Solar System Composition
Aug 01, 2018

The solar street lamp system can guarantee the normal operation in rainy weather for more than 15 days! The system consists of LED light source (including drive), solar panel, battery (including battery insulation box), solar street lamp controller, street lamp pole (including foundation) and auxiliary material wire.

Monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell components are commonly used for solar cell components. High power LED light source is usually used for LED lamp holder. The controller is generally placed in the lamp pole, and has the protection of light control, time control, over-charge and over-discharge and reverse connection. The accumulator is usually placed underground or there will be a special storage box for batteries. The valve controlled lead-acid battery, colloidal battery, ferroaluminum battery or lithium battery can be used. The solar lamp is fully automatic and does not need to dig ditches and wiring, but the lamp pole needs to be installed on the embedded parts (concrete base).

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