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Solar Street Lamp Technology Advantages
Aug 01, 2018

1. Easy installation: when installing solar street lamps, it is not necessary to set up complicated lines, but only to make a cement base and a battery pit, which can be fixed with galvanized bolts. Do not need to consume a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources consumption, installation is concise, do not need to set up a line or "open a bore to break belly" dig ground construction, also do not have power off limit concern.

2. Less investment capital: solar street lamp is a one-time investment and long-term benefit. Due to the simplicity of the line, no maintenance costs are incurred and no expensive electricity charges are generated. 6-7 years to recover costs, 3-4 years to save more than 1 million electricity and maintenance costs. It can save the high electricity charge and complicated circuit of city electric street lamp. In the case of special voltage instability, it is inevitable for sodium lamp to break down, and with the extension of years, the line aging and maintenance costs are increasing year by year.

3. Good safety performance: the solar street lamp is an ideal product for ecological community and road administration department, because it USES low voltage of 12-24v, stable voltage and reliable operation. No electric shock, fire and other accidents. The safety hidden danger of municipal electric street lamp is big, people's living environment is under the circumstance of constant change, the construction of road reconstruction, landscape engineering, power supply is not normal, the cross construction of water gas pipeline and so on bring many hidden danger.

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