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Problems With Solar Street Lamps
Aug 01, 2018

1: currently, restrict the application of solar power is one of the most important part of the price, with a light dual solar street lights, for example, two road load sharing is 60 watt, (effective illumination in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river area 4.5 h/day, 7 hours each night discharge, calculate the panels to 20% increase in reserve) the panels will need to about 160 w, calculated at $4 per watt, the cost of the panels will be 640 yuan, plus 180 ah battery costs are at around 1080, the whole street to invest cost and much higher than the mains street lamp, caused a major bottleneck in the field of solar street light applications.

2: the service life of the battery should also consider in the whole street lamp system application, usually the battery warranty of three years or five years, but the general battery in one year or even half a year later will be in charge of discontent, some actual charge rate may fall to about 50%, it will affect the normal continuous rainy period of night lighting, so choose a good battery is especially important.

3. Some engineers often use LED lights as the lighting of solar street lamps, but the quality of LED lights is different, and the LED with severe light failure may lose 50% light intensity in half a year. Therefore, it is necessary to choose LED lamps with slow fading, or non-polar lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, etc.

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