Why must solar street lamps use leds as their light source?
Aug 01, 2018

1. Under the condition of low energy consumption and equal brightness, led light sources usually consume one ninth of the electric energy of incandescent light bulbs, one third of other light sources, and a lot more than the life time. Therefore, there are obvious advantages in practical application, and the application of solar street lamps is also common.

2. Long service life means that its service life is very long, and its adaptability to the service temperature of the service life is very strong, which can satisfy the use of street lamps in the outdoor environment. Besides, it can also have a better safety and reliability, so it is very important to ensure a better safety effect when it is used outdoors, especially for public facilities such as street lamps.

3. LED's luminous efficiency is a relatively high one among the light sources on the market, and it only requires a small amount of electricity. It is also an energy-saving product on the market, so it is very consistent with our solar energy.

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