What kinds of outdoor LED lights are there?
Aug 01, 2018

Now metropolis in the evening, night wind, the lights on when can show a city is the most prosperous and unique, so the night, lights, wherever he doesn't feel lonely, these outdoor lighting will accompany people all night, not only so, they also is very good-looking, add a slice of light for the night, as the city is a magnificent, the following will come together to learn about what kind outdoor lamps.

1. LED wall washing lamp: the light of LED wall washing lamp is just like washing the walls. It is mainly used for building lighting and can be used to outline relatively large building outline.

2. LED projection lamp: the LED projection lamp, also known as the spotlight, can be used in any direction. It is mainly used for the lighting of building outline, stadium lighting, overpass, park and flower beds.

3. LED underwater lamp: LED underwater lamp can emit a variety of beautiful colors. It is usually installed in the park or fountain pool.

4. LED buried light: LED buried light is a kind of light with ultra-high brightness, which is widely used in squares, parks, courtyards, flower beds and other places.

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