The development direction of solar street lamp in the next stage is discussed
Aug 01, 2018

As the solar street light industry rapid development stage market gradually eliminate the unqualified products manufacturer, with a less known and inferior brand in some base price plus a few years ago on the bidding project, due to technical level is not pass at present has led to many parts of the solar street lights are out the lamp, solar street lights in some areas are not used in impression so these users, when choosing new solar street light will be more quality and after-sale problems as a result, solar street light industry will form a technological breakthrough in big reshuffle some manufacturers will get the favour of the market. However, those manufacturers who did not develop technology accumulation in the early stage will inevitably face more intense elimination of current solar street lamps. The most focused problem is the short service life.

Secondly, the solar street lamps released in the early stage face the second upgrade and maintenance. After two or three years of use, the solar street lamps released by some manufacturers with weak technology have been turned off one after another, which provides some solar street lamp manufacturers with strong technology the opportunity of upgrading and upgrading.

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