Safety of outdoor lighting
Aug 01, 2018

1. Leakage of electricity: many people like to walk on the fountain because the ground lamp in the fountain reflects the water beautifully. Many children also like to play, and parents will not stop them, but the lights in the water are dangerous. Choose lamps and lanterns if not the standard lamps and lanterns of national standard, appear problem easily. Lamps must be below 12V.

2. Scald: many people like to go to the park after dinner to enjoy the cool, but the safety cover of many lamps and lanterns has been damaged, which can easily lead to the heat of the lamp tube. Especially the child skin is young, curiosity will be strong to touch. After touching the lamp tube, a two-year-old boy went to the hospital for treatment and was identified as a second-grade burn.

In many cases, children are more curious, or adults fall into the pool after being hit by a collision. Actually want to be the safety lamps and lanterns that chooses normal manufacturer only, the lamps and lanterns that accords with national standard basically is to have no problem.

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