If you choose low price solar street lamp consequences
Aug 01, 2018

The manufacturer of solar street lamp reminds us: do not believe that the cheap products of solar street lamp can bring you high quality. If the buyers are inclined to buy the low-price products of solar street lamp, they will accept the quality problems of the products. 2. Short service life may cause problems within less than one year after the lamp is on. However, some people also say that the price of solar street lamps does not fully reflect the quality and life of the street lamps.

If solar street lamps on the market price is in one thousand yuan of products, including solar street lamps manufacturer profits accounted for 10%, or 100 yuan, so manufacturers to discounts is from the inside out, the 100 RMB manufacturer again how discount will not reduce the discount rate to more than 100 yuan, costs are 900 yuan, solar street light price is below 900 yuan, so manufacturers how to survive? If the manufacturer wants to maintain a profit of 100 yuan and keep the solar lamp below the market cost of 900 yuan, there is only one possibility, that is, the cost is less than 900 yuan. This also means that such products are mostly shoddy and shoddy. The sale price below the general cost of the market is attractive inferior quality goods price!

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